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Baby Towel Washing Tips

Towels are very useful once to dry the body travel malang juanda after bathing. Especially the baby, have sensitive skin so that the towel he was wearing in a State shall be clean and free from seedling diseases such as germs.

Every mother wants her baby bath towels can look clean and fresh for a long period of time. As we pick from, there is a simple way to do it, with just a few ingredients that we can find in the kitchen and also coupled with less effort then we can keep the towels the baby remains durable and looks nice. In doing so it takes two ingredients i.e. Vinegar (vinegar, which in the language of the United Kingdom called the vinegar, in the language of its chemical called acetic acid) and Baking soda.

How to wash towels baby:

To avoid absorption of color from the towel one towel other then we recommend that you separate your towel baby light colored and dark colored.
For new baby towels wash in warm water while a white towel in hot water along with a gentle detergent. To help keep the color the towels stay according to the original add a cup of vinegar.
Meanwhile, old towels to wash it in warm water along with a soft soap, and specifically for the white towel is mixed with hot water. You can add a half cup of baking soda to keep towels baby stay fresh and fragrant.
When you have a dryer, then pat dry towels old and new on the low heat setting to prevent damage to the fibers. Use a cool round if we wash towels have a detail of decoration.
Move the baby towels from the dryer and fold into a flat surface for smoothing out any wrinkles that exist.
Place a wet towel in a place exposed to the wind. If we do not immediately wash towels so we could mengangin-anginkan handuknya to dry it.

Tips to prevent health hazards When Using plastic Cutlery

Almost all walks of life meminati kitchen set malang products tableware made of plastic. The rich products of interest because, in addition to the prices are pretty cheap, attractive color and the shape is unique. Some people still doubt its use for health reasons

Of the large number of types of plastic used in the manufacture of food containers in circulation in the market, there are two of the most commonly used and popular i.e. melamine and polypropylene.

How to mencagah the dangers of plastic tableware

Plastic tableware that allegedly dangerous is containing bisphenol A (BPA) and phthalate. Both of these compounds are toxic. As reported by CNN on Wednesday (4/30/2014), Chris Winder, a Professor of Toxicology and occupational health at the Australian Catholic University recommends:

To use a plastic container that has a coded recycling 1,2, 4, and 5. For plastic containers with the code usually does not contain BPA and phthalate.
Another thing to note is that replacing an old plastic bowl with a new Bowl. Plastic is a large polymer composed of smaller components called monomers. Despite the benign polymers, monomers are probably still constituting the poison. The old plastic and tend to be more readily decomposes to monomer.

Chris Winder confirms, if we have a new melamine tableware, then bound into a polymer monomernya. But if the slightly aging equipment, contact with certain objects, including hot water, will make it take off as monomers. He thinks the risk is higher.

Still, Winder and Toxicology experts that another, Dr. Ian Musgrave, both agree that there is nothing to worry about if eating hot food by using equipment made from plastic or melamine. Because the amount of melamine that goes into the body, 600 times smaller than the limit of a maximum intake of melamine. However if its use is excessive, then it is not impossible amount of melamine would be stacked in the body and lead to losses in health.

Caution, Dye Jeans in Australia Caused Cancer Risk

Clothing made from jeans favored by many quarters, good old nor young because the material is strong and not outdated. But you need to be careful with jeans that come from kangaroo country, because recently a Consumer Agency in Australia found the jeans products harmful dyes.

Peringatanpun has been issued by the Agency named sutu Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC), a warning about the existence of a number of products that use dye jeans is dangerous in Australia for sale. Even the ACCC does not only find this dye on jeans, but also a number of products children's clothing, bed sheets, and pillowcases.

The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC), found that the dye that is used in this industry proved to be dangerous and any concentration above average or above standard that is allowed.

In addition to the warning, the ACCC also attractive products that they make sure they contain the harmful dye from circulation. The number reached more than 121,000 fruit, derived from various brands retailer such as Trade Secret, Just Jeans, Myer, Target, and Rivers.

Quoted from ABC Australia, Sunday (11/5/2001), Delia Rickard of the ACCC sets forth, "the problem of this dye is known as a carcinogen, although the risk is to move from clothing to its people is extremely low. You're new at risk (cancer) when pants were worn in a long time in a State of sweaty. "

The use of certain dyes such as benzidine-based dyes should be reduced or minimised, especially by garment manufacturers in Australia, so add the ACCC.

How To Operate A Microwave Oven LG Auto

With the sophistication of the technology now man can cook quickly and healthy without compromising essential substances contained in the food we peg.

One of the tools is a revolutionary discovery of a Microwave Oven, the oven uses microwaves emitted inside the oven Chamber with the help of electric power.

Now there's this new technology from one company making household appliances namely LG, LG now has been producing microwave ovens with local auto cook menu technology. Through this technology you are able to cook favorite foods Indonesia practically without wasting much time.

Local auto cook menu on LG microwave oven collection range makes it easy for consumers to cook delicious local foods and healthy within a relatively short period.

The sophistication of the new collection is located on the English Menu. This allows the user to cook the Favorites menu Archipelago using the microwave oven. Unmitigated, LG in particular has been reprogrammed to 20 menu favourites Indonesia that vary by product. With features that users simply pressing one of the buttons correspond to the food that will be cooked. Then, the device automatically microwave oven will adjust the time, function, up to the required temperature.

This product consists of three main categories, namely, Solo (MS2549DR, MS2347B, MS2349B), Grill (MH6549DRC, MH6548FR, MB4049G), and Convection (MC7889D, MC8289URC, MC8188HRC).

Categories Solo-Has the basic functions of removing heat only. The food is a food that can be processed in the process enough to rely on heated foodstuffs only. You can cook a menu of Indonesia seeprti, banana compote, Coconut Curry Chicken, chicken soup, fried noodles, and meat stews.

How to Cook: you simply enter all the foodstuffs into its container and press the appropriate Menu English type of food that will be cooked. All can be done simply by pressing a button on the featured Autocook.

Grill-category this device can function heats and grilling food without having to produce smoke. Consumers can choose five menu contained in the category Solo plus five other Grill menu, i.e. grilled meat marinade grilled squid, rica, chicken satay, brain-brain, and barbecued. All can be done simply by pressing a button on the featured Autocook.

The category of Convection-Microwave ovens can be used for cooking cakes, baking, as well as heating the food. This product can cook up to 20 favorite dishes of society Indonesia, particularly the five categories menu Convection like macaroni schottel, pizza, pastel lids, éclairs, cakes and lapis surabaya.

How to fix the switch/switch the appliance the rice cooker

It is long it is like the admin does not make the article about how to repair household appliances, and incidentally this morning can idea when my wife complained because our rice cooker Tools may not work as usual.

When checked turned out a tool called people with magic com, a rice cooker or a magic jar is broken at the switch or the switch function to position the electric cooker on the position warm (warm) or Cook (cooking the rice).

My wife said that after he put the pot already contains rice and water into the cooker, then pressing the switch then the switch back to position warm. (Usually the switch will lock in the position of cook and the red indicator light will light up)

In General, when the rice cooker electric ganguan experience like this then we will hold your order for switch or Scotch on the position of cook, but I recommend you don't do, because when the rice is cooked, then the rice cooker will not die or change position to warm, and just maybe it will overcook the rice. Besides the rice cooker you will probably burn, unless you sit tight. For fixing please follow the following steps:

Tools required: screwdriver screwdriver plus and minus

Open/disassemble cooker:

1. remove the power cord from the wall outlet and cooker
the connecting cable electric cooker into wall outlet
The connecting cable already regardless
2. remove the Pan from the cooker in the body
3. remove the two baud/couplers are respectively located on the side and bottom of the cooker using a screwdriver plus.
The existing cooker baud at the side
The part circled is the Baud/screws on the sides of the cooker
baud/screw on the bottom of the
The part circled is the Baud/screw on the bottom of the cooker
4. remove the bottom middle of the cooker using a minus screwdriver
How to membuaka an electric rice cooker
How to draw the lower part of the cooker

1. The damage generally occurs in the Middle cylindrical with per on the inside, this part is rotating and shifting plates on the cylinders hold levers, such as the image below.
part bawahb cooker
The part circled is the plate levers which is stuck by a short stick to the plate cylinder
2. turn the cylinder with fingers so that the plate levers is not obstructed by a plate of three fruit found on parts of the cylinder.
How to play the electric rice cooker automatic
How to rotate the cylinder in the bottom of the Cooker
Images before playing, it appears two short plat circled
the position of the switches is stuck
Cylinders which rotated the lever plate, it seems that was not obstructed and circled part is 3 short plat that was previously only seen two gnarled fruit plate lever switch.
the switch
(Looking from the edge), the plate levers which have not deterred the short plate cylinder
3. to test if the repair is successful, try to press and hold the cylinder that is in a normal cooker depressed by the Pan while cooking the rice, and then press the switch to the position of cook, and then view the reaction if the switch lock to the position of cook? If so then Your improvement work.

4. Lastly don't forget to reinstall the whole section as they are, and try to Cook rice.
Tools Philips rice cooker

10 steps how to Install the Wallpaper House wall

Wallpaper is a special paper that is mounted on the wall by means of taped on the wall using special glue. (see also: "how to make your own Wallpaper glue at home")

Putting up wallpaper is not so difficult as long as you have the will and a little bit of precision so that the result looks neat, things to note in the installation of the wallpaper are using glue properly, and always keep the connection-the connection between the wallpaper seem fused.

Before installing the wallpaper should first clean the walls and make sure that the walls in the dry state to ease installation.
When the walls contain the old paint, we recommend that you clean it first and use the primed to meratakannya.
Clamp parts of the walls of the crack to get a good final result.
Use glue sparingly and DAB are neat. Excessive glue will cause the surface of the wallpaper.

10 steps how to Install Wallpapers

Prepare the equipment consists of: kape to flatten the wall, plastic trays, ladder, cutter, pencil, ruler and tape measure, yarn with ballast, glue wallpapers, bak to mortar glue (2 pieces), sponges, brushes, roller, glue and sandpaper.
Make glue-glue do when Making the field wall or surface is ready, mix the glue with water. Make it in two separate containers, namely glue for glue to connection and part of the whole. Glue the parts connection made more condensed, so that power rekatnya taller.
Measure the length and width of the area that will be coated wallpaper. Adjust the width of the field with a width of wallpaper. Donovan's roughly 1 to 1.5 cm for the connection.
Cut a length of wallpaper becomes an panels tailored to your needs. See the installation instructions on the paper packaging in every description that explains how menyerasikan antarpanel motives or pieces of wallpaper.
Mark the position of the wallpaper with a pencil. Use the tools in the form of yarn with a ballast in order to be straight and neat.
Once marked, apply glue with the roller on the surface of fields that will be coated wallpaper. Do this step slowly.
Paste the wallpaper carefully. Note the marking that you have created previously sported a pencil.
On the connection, use a glue that is thicker. 9. Apply it with a brush specifically in this section.
Flatten wallpaper that has been installed with an acrylic ruler. Cut the rest of the wallpaper with a cutter. Use a sponge to soak up excess glue. This process also serves to flatten the wallpaper.
When the whole wallpaper is already installed, check the reset all parts so that there be no baian who don't look neat, or do not stick properly.

Tips On Caring For Flannel

For you fans of course dear flannel when his favorite flannel, both still sheets or already be creative be reduced quality. Flannel that has characteristics of fibrous gradually will quickly become matted and disheveled when not treated properly. For necessary ways on how caring for flannel with good and true.

Treatment: Flannel

1. The first thing that must be done in caring for flannel is when those dirty flannel, you can do the cleaning by using a proper cleaner fluid so that flannel became more durable and long lasting.

2. When the first leaching process usually we will soak the clothing into the liquid cleansers, for flannel that process done fairly short/not too long, because if too long steeped in the cleaning fluid then it would result in a quick flannel color fading.
Flannel Fabric creations
Flannel fabric creations

3. in order to avoid the texture of flannel fibers not hairy and quickly tangled, try not to wash when brushed with brush, sikatlah with a brush with bristle brush that lebut.

4. Other matters that need to be noticed when washing flannel is try to avoid the use of bleach.

5. When you are finished with the process of washing fabric or flannel is dried further under anginkan. in the aim of drying is not directly exposed to direct sunlight in order to avoid the fabric pudarnya color flannel.