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10 steps how to Install the Wallpaper House wall

Wallpaper is a special paper that is mounted on the wall by means of taped on the wall using special glue. (see also: "how to make your own Wallpaper glue at home")

Putting up wallpaper is not so difficult as long as you have the will and a little bit of precision so that the result looks neat, things to note in the installation of the wallpaper are using glue properly, and always keep the connection-the connection between the wallpaper seem fused.

Before installing the wallpaper should first clean the walls and make sure that the walls in the dry state to ease installation.
When the walls contain the old paint, we recommend that you clean it first and use the primed to meratakannya.
Clamp parts of the walls of the crack to get a good final result.
Use glue sparingly and DAB are neat. Excessive glue will cause the surface of the wallpaper.

10 steps how to Install Wallpapers

Prepare the equipment consists of: kape to flatten the wall, plastic trays, ladder, cutter, pencil, ruler and tape measure, yarn with ballast, glue wallpapers, bak to mortar glue (2 pieces), sponges, brushes, roller, glue and sandpaper.
Make glue-glue do when Making the field wall or surface is ready, mix the glue with water. Make it in two separate containers, namely glue for glue to connection and part of the whole. Glue the parts connection made more condensed, so that power rekatnya taller.
Measure the length and width of the area that will be coated wallpaper. Adjust the width of the field with a width of wallpaper. Donovan's roughly 1 to 1.5 cm for the connection.
Cut a length of wallpaper becomes an panels tailored to your needs. See the installation instructions on the paper packaging in every description that explains how menyerasikan antarpanel motives or pieces of wallpaper.
Mark the position of the wallpaper with a pencil. Use the tools in the form of yarn with a ballast in order to be straight and neat.
Once marked, apply glue with the roller on the surface of fields that will be coated wallpaper. Do this step slowly.
Paste the wallpaper carefully. Note the marking that you have created previously sported a pencil.
On the connection, use a glue that is thicker. 9. Apply it with a brush specifically in this section.
Flatten wallpaper that has been installed with an acrylic ruler. Cut the rest of the wallpaper with a cutter. Use a sponge to soak up excess glue. This process also serves to flatten the wallpaper.
When the whole wallpaper is already installed, check the reset all parts so that there be no baian who don't look neat, or do not stick properly.

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