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Baby Towel Washing Tips

Towels are very useful once to dry the body travel malang juanda after bathing. Especially the baby, have sensitive skin so that the towel he was wearing in a State shall be clean and free from seedling diseases such as germs.

Every mother wants her baby bath towels can look clean and fresh for a long period of time. As we pick from, there is a simple way to do it, with just a few ingredients that we can find in the kitchen and also coupled with less effort then we can keep the towels the baby remains durable and looks nice. In doing so it takes two ingredients i.e. Vinegar (vinegar, which in the language of the United Kingdom called the vinegar, in the language of its chemical called acetic acid) and Baking soda.

How to wash towels baby:

To avoid absorption of color from the towel one towel other then we recommend that you separate your towel baby light colored and dark colored.
For new baby towels wash in warm water while a white towel in hot water along with a gentle detergent. To help keep the color the towels stay according to the original add a cup of vinegar.
Meanwhile, old towels to wash it in warm water along with a soft soap, and specifically for the white towel is mixed with hot water. You can add a half cup of baking soda to keep towels baby stay fresh and fragrant.
When you have a dryer, then pat dry towels old and new on the low heat setting to prevent damage to the fibers. Use a cool round if we wash towels have a detail of decoration.
Move the baby towels from the dryer and fold into a flat surface for smoothing out any wrinkles that exist.
Place a wet towel in a place exposed to the wind. If we do not immediately wash towels so we could mengangin-anginkan handuknya to dry it.

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