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How to fix the switch/switch the appliance the rice cooker

It is long it is like the admin does not make the article about how to repair household appliances, and incidentally this morning can idea when my wife complained because our rice cooker Tools may not work as usual.

When checked turned out a tool called people with magic com, a rice cooker or a magic jar is broken at the switch or the switch function to position the electric cooker on the position warm (warm) or Cook (cooking the rice).

My wife said that after he put the pot already contains rice and water into the cooker, then pressing the switch then the switch back to position warm. (Usually the switch will lock in the position of cook and the red indicator light will light up)

In General, when the rice cooker electric ganguan experience like this then we will hold your order for switch or Scotch on the position of cook, but I recommend you don't do, because when the rice is cooked, then the rice cooker will not die or change position to warm, and just maybe it will overcook the rice. Besides the rice cooker you will probably burn, unless you sit tight. For fixing please follow the following steps:

Tools required: screwdriver screwdriver plus and minus

Open/disassemble cooker:

1. remove the power cord from the wall outlet and cooker
the connecting cable electric cooker into wall outlet
The connecting cable already regardless
2. remove the Pan from the cooker in the body
3. remove the two baud/couplers are respectively located on the side and bottom of the cooker using a screwdriver plus.
The existing cooker baud at the side
The part circled is the Baud/screws on the sides of the cooker
baud/screw on the bottom of the
The part circled is the Baud/screw on the bottom of the cooker
4. remove the bottom middle of the cooker using a minus screwdriver
How to membuaka an electric rice cooker
How to draw the lower part of the cooker

1. The damage generally occurs in the Middle cylindrical with per on the inside, this part is rotating and shifting plates on the cylinders hold levers, such as the image below.
part bawahb cooker
The part circled is the plate levers which is stuck by a short stick to the plate cylinder
2. turn the cylinder with fingers so that the plate levers is not obstructed by a plate of three fruit found on parts of the cylinder.
How to play the electric rice cooker automatic
How to rotate the cylinder in the bottom of the Cooker
Images before playing, it appears two short plat circled
the position of the switches is stuck
Cylinders which rotated the lever plate, it seems that was not obstructed and circled part is 3 short plat that was previously only seen two gnarled fruit plate lever switch.
the switch
(Looking from the edge), the plate levers which have not deterred the short plate cylinder
3. to test if the repair is successful, try to press and hold the cylinder that is in a normal cooker depressed by the Pan while cooking the rice, and then press the switch to the position of cook, and then view the reaction if the switch lock to the position of cook? If so then Your improvement work.

4. Lastly don't forget to reinstall the whole section as they are, and try to Cook rice.
Tools Philips rice cooker

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