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How To Operate A Microwave Oven LG Auto

With the sophistication of the technology now man can cook quickly and healthy without compromising essential substances contained in the food we peg.

One of the tools is a revolutionary discovery of a Microwave Oven, the oven uses microwaves emitted inside the oven Chamber with the help of electric power.

Now there's this new technology from one company making household appliances namely LG, LG now has been producing microwave ovens with local auto cook menu technology. Through this technology you are able to cook favorite foods Indonesia practically without wasting much time.

Local auto cook menu on LG microwave oven collection range makes it easy for consumers to cook delicious local foods and healthy within a relatively short period.

The sophistication of the new collection is located on the English Menu. This allows the user to cook the Favorites menu Archipelago using the microwave oven. Unmitigated, LG in particular has been reprogrammed to 20 menu favourites Indonesia that vary by product. With features that users simply pressing one of the buttons correspond to the food that will be cooked. Then, the device automatically microwave oven will adjust the time, function, up to the required temperature.

This product consists of three main categories, namely, Solo (MS2549DR, MS2347B, MS2349B), Grill (MH6549DRC, MH6548FR, MB4049G), and Convection (MC7889D, MC8289URC, MC8188HRC).

Categories Solo-Has the basic functions of removing heat only. The food is a food that can be processed in the process enough to rely on heated foodstuffs only. You can cook a menu of Indonesia seeprti, banana compote, Coconut Curry Chicken, chicken soup, fried noodles, and meat stews.

How to Cook: you simply enter all the foodstuffs into its container and press the appropriate Menu English type of food that will be cooked. All can be done simply by pressing a button on the featured Autocook.

Grill-category this device can function heats and grilling food without having to produce smoke. Consumers can choose five menu contained in the category Solo plus five other Grill menu, i.e. grilled meat marinade grilled squid, rica, chicken satay, brain-brain, and barbecued. All can be done simply by pressing a button on the featured Autocook.

The category of Convection-Microwave ovens can be used for cooking cakes, baking, as well as heating the food. This product can cook up to 20 favorite dishes of society Indonesia, particularly the five categories menu Convection like macaroni schottel, pizza, pastel lids, ├ęclairs, cakes and lapis surabaya.

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