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Tips On Caring For Flannel

For you fans of course dear flannel when his favorite flannel, both still sheets or already be creative be reduced quality. Flannel that has characteristics of fibrous gradually will quickly become matted and disheveled when not treated properly. For necessary ways on how caring for flannel with good and true.

Treatment: Flannel

1. The first thing that must be done in caring for flannel is when those dirty flannel, you can do the cleaning by using a proper cleaner fluid so that flannel became more durable and long lasting.

2. When the first leaching process usually we will soak the clothing into the liquid cleansers, for flannel that process done fairly short/not too long, because if too long steeped in the cleaning fluid then it would result in a quick flannel color fading.
Flannel Fabric creations
Flannel fabric creations

3. in order to avoid the texture of flannel fibers not hairy and quickly tangled, try not to wash when brushed with brush, sikatlah with a brush with bristle brush that lebut.

4. Other matters that need to be noticed when washing flannel is try to avoid the use of bleach.

5. When you are finished with the process of washing fabric or flannel is dried further under anginkan. in the aim of drying is not directly exposed to direct sunlight in order to avoid the fabric pudarnya color flannel.

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