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Tips to prevent health hazards When Using plastic Cutlery

Almost all walks of life meminati kitchen set malang products tableware made of plastic. The rich products of interest because, in addition to the prices are pretty cheap, attractive color and the shape is unique. Some people still doubt its use for health reasons

Of the large number of types of plastic used in the manufacture of food containers in circulation in the market, there are two of the most commonly used and popular i.e. melamine and polypropylene.

How to mencagah the dangers of plastic tableware

Plastic tableware that allegedly dangerous is containing bisphenol A (BPA) and phthalate. Both of these compounds are toxic. As reported by CNN on Wednesday (4/30/2014), Chris Winder, a Professor of Toxicology and occupational health at the Australian Catholic University recommends:

To use a plastic container that has a coded recycling 1,2, 4, and 5. For plastic containers with the code usually does not contain BPA and phthalate.
Another thing to note is that replacing an old plastic bowl with a new Bowl. Plastic is a large polymer composed of smaller components called monomers. Despite the benign polymers, monomers are probably still constituting the poison. The old plastic and tend to be more readily decomposes to monomer.

Chris Winder confirms, if we have a new melamine tableware, then bound into a polymer monomernya. But if the slightly aging equipment, contact with certain objects, including hot water, will make it take off as monomers. He thinks the risk is higher.

Still, Winder and Toxicology experts that another, Dr. Ian Musgrave, both agree that there is nothing to worry about if eating hot food by using equipment made from plastic or melamine. Because the amount of melamine that goes into the body, 600 times smaller than the limit of a maximum intake of melamine. However if its use is excessive, then it is not impossible amount of melamine would be stacked in the body and lead to losses in health.

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